Importing for New Entrepreneurs

For people looking to foray into the market and make a mark by providing the sought after products, Imports From China helps you achieve your goals with ease. People who are willing to start importing from china find it difficult to plan how and where to start from. This problem is compounded by the factor that there is a major language barrier issue in China. This makes it difficult even for people who are well conversed in English, as not too many people in China are habitual of interacting in English, or any other non-Chinese language for that matter.

Whether you bring full container or part load, you need not pay anything extra. If your products are not full container load, we will charge you as per your part load only.

Why Import From China when Chinese products are available here ?

Importing from China Buying from India
Savings of at least 50% for same products, as you buy directly from the manufacturers Quite costly products, as profit margins of lots of middlemen are included in the price
Unlimited range to choose from, and that too as per your budget and requirement, as China is a world market. Limited range to choose from, as traders bring only selected options.
You can choose from an ocean of innumerable latest and unique products, that have not even reached Indian markets yet. You get to buy common items, that do not have any uniqueness.

Why ImportsFromChina.com

We are A to Z import service providers working in this field for the past more than 15 years. We will take care of your travel, sourcing, inspection, payments, advances, custom clearance in China and India, and will assure doorstep delivery of your products.

Furthermore, China being a very large country, it is difficult for a person planning to visit China for the first time to plan his visit in the most productive manner. In addition to this, there is a fear factor of placing ones trust, and money, on manufacturers and people who are living in a foreign country and are absolute strangers. Imports from China gives you a sense of faith, as you can visit our offices here in India, meet our staff and get to know them on one-to-one basis, and make sure that your money will be secure enough.

In this competitive world of today, where there is cut-throat competition, it is not easy for a newcomer to get a foothold in the market unless he offers better products and services, and that too, at prices that are the most competitive.

We help you become well versed with the burgeoning Chinese markets, help you meet the right manufacturers, help you choose the right products, and provide all logistics and custom clearance services to bring your products to your doorstep.

Here is how it works:

  • - We assist you with your travel plans to China.
  • - We provide you with a free of cost stay at our guest house in china, or assist you with your hotel stay in China (on chargable basis)
  • - Once there, we schedule your appointments with the manufacturers of the products you are looking for.
  • - Our staff accompanies you, as well as acts as your translator, to those manufacturing units.
  • - After you finalize the products of your choice and come back to India, we take care of all the Customs related formalities in China.
  • - We update you about the shipping details of your products on a regular basis.
  • - Once your products reach India, we take care of the Indian customs clearance related formalities.
  • - Your products are despatched to your doorstep.

Why Us?

  • Quality Control
  • Cost Reduction
  • Value Optimization
  • Unique Leader
  • Timely Delivery

Import From China