Seminar conducted on GST on 1st July 2017 by "Imports From China".

With the implementation of GST in the Indian taxation system, there is a general sense of confusion and lack of clarity among the business class, especially the importers and exporters community. People belonging to this segment are generally not too highly educated, and hence are finding it difficult to understand the implications of GST on their business.

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Keeping this in mind, "Imports From China" conducted a seminar to bring about a sense of awareness about GST on July 1 it was attended by many exporters and importers. People who attended the seminar were highly appreciative of this initiative. They found it very useful in resolving their general queries about GST and gained good knowledge about its implementation in their day to day business activities. People raised various queries related to their individual business, as well as taxation in general, which were diligently answered by well known CA, Mr. Rakesh Dang and some other associates.

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This was another step in our endeavor to bring about positive changes in the mindsets of people towards the new taxation system, and the result was quite evident at the end of the seminar in the form of satisfied audience who seemed to have gained a good amount of knowledge and were able to put aside their apprehensions about GST, and were all praises for this seminar.