Imports Service From China

Imports From China provides end to end services for importing all kinds of products from China. We procure all types of goods, whether it be for big retail chain outlets and mega stores, merchandise importers, hospitality industry (hotels and resorts), malls, builders and decorators, interior decorators, industrial consumers (machinery and chemicals), apparel and footwear businesses, as well as general household products like cosmetics, jewellery, toys, perfumes, home appliances etc.

You may provide us the basic information and specifications about the product through a mail or otherwise, and we shall source your product through our marketing network. Once you have sourced the product or it is an already sourced product, we shall act as a buying agent for you. The communication between you and your supplier shall be directed through us, which eases out the inspection and payment process. We shall pay the price to your supplier in China and shall procure the goods from your suppliers for shipment after carrying out the inspection instructions given by you.

Shipping the goods is our main duty. We hire containers and load your goods in that and charge you as per the volume and weight of your goods. The container number and other codes of reference along with the details of shipping lines and website addresses shall be provided to you so that you could track down the course of your goods off-shore (sea) and on-shore (land).

The website provides a total solution for imports of any products from China to all parts of the world. One just has to name the product he wishes to import. He would get that at his door-step in the minimum possible time and at the most economical price. One may be a merchandise importer, a trader, a builder, a hotelier, an industrial consumer or he may simply be a household consumer.

Construction And Building Material


Granite and other Stones

Aluminum Glazing, Curtain Walls,UPVC Windows,Doors


Tiles - Ceramic, Vitrified and Composite

Sanitary Ware

C P Fittings

Shower Screens

Solid Wood and Laminated Floorings

Solid Wood and WPC Decking’s

External and Internal Claddings


Railings and Balustrades


Furniture, Fixings and Equipment

Solid Wood, Veneered or Laminated

Rattan, Woven, and Mixed-Material

Outdoor Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture

Mirrors, Art and Accessories

All Kinds of Lighting (LED - based or Standard Decorative Pendants, Chandeliers,Wall Sconces and Free-Standing Lighting for Rooms and Public Areas.)

Drapery: Fabric and Coils

Carpets and Rugs

Wall coverings

Operating Supplies And Equipment

Glass and Chinaware

Electronics and AV Equipment

Linens and Toweling


Mattresses and Box-springs

F&B Equipment

Gym and Recreational Equipment

Kitchen Equipment


Conference Equipment

White Goods

Housekeeping, Security & Office Equipment


Spa Equipment

Why Us?

  • Quality Control
  • Cost Reduction
  • Value Optimization
  • Unique Leader
  • Timely Delivery

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