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Since its founding in China in year 2005, XIN SHI DAI LTD has become a leading import service facilitator in China, catering the needs of customers looking for importing goods from China across the Globe. The company manages its operations of imports from China through an array of its sub offices established in different parts of China in order to cater the needs of its customers from almost all the major business hubs spread across in different cities of China.

Imports from China, which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, provides a total solution for import of any product from China to any part of the world in the minimum possible time and at the most economical prices, either through sea or by air. One may be a merchandise importer, trade chain owner, a trader, a builder, a hotelier, an industrial consumer or he may simply be a personal house builder or decorator.

We source, inspect and procure the products of your choice from China and safely deliver the product at your doorstep while securing your payments. Sourcing from China is our speciality, and we can deliver your products right at your doorstep, in any part of the world.

Through us, you can import Furniture, Lights, consumable goods like cosmetics, toys etc., construction material like uPVC Doors, uPVC Windows, general items like Cutlery, Floorings, Gifts, Appliances, Marbles etc., Sanitary items, Industrial Items or any other item that you wish to procure from China, we can get it sourced for you.

Import Hotel Furniture From China

Import LED Lightings from China

Import Furniture from China

Retail Chain Stores

We provide A to Z services to import products from China to different retail chain stores, wherever in the world we can act as their sourcing agents in China, as well as buying and shipping agents and can also act as their supplier to import furniture, consumables, household goods, clothing, etc.

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Import merchandise furniture items from China

Merchadise Importers

If you are already importing goods from China, or wish to import any merchandising goods from China to your destination, you may hire us for any of our services, or get a full package at the most economical price. We help merchandisers import furniture, sanitary, gifts, toys etc.

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Chinese Products for Real Estate Hotels Resorts Hospitality

Real Estate, Hospitality and

We specialize in sourcing goods required to be used in construction or operations in a hotel, hospital, malls, building etc. The products can be imported furniture, home appliances, building material, doors, cladding, sanitary, marble, tiles, flooring, furniture, lights, furniture, cutlery, housekeeping goods etc.

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Corporate Gifts From China

Corporate Gifting

We provide the best sourcing services and highest quality promotional products to our customers. With our expertise in dealing with several contracted factories, we ensure providing reliable and durable products of excellent quality.

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Chinese Furniture Import Products for Home Builders

Personal House Builders

You may wish to build or decorate your new house or modify your old one as to modernize it by installing exquisite and elite sanitary, chinaware, most modern flooring tiles or stones or decorate with latest design and best quality imported furniture.

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Chinese Products for Home Builders

Industrial Consumers

If you are already importing any industrial products or wish to import and ensure that the goods reach you at the most economical prices and in minimum possible time. We operate for various product categories like chemicals, hardware, resins, iron materials, plastics ...

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Furniture Market Lauvre Furniture Manufacturing
Furniture Factory Foshan Shoe Market in Ghangzhou
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Import Furniture From China

I would rate the service of Imports From China 10 out of 10 to you and would highly recommend to others, you managed to get excellent products each time for us, even when we were skeptical of getting the right products at such a short notice

Umesh Singla
Category manager (Vishal Mega Mart)

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