Our Charges

How do we charge or bill the customer?

We charge the actual in INR only. Our commission is 5% as shown in the table below:

Cost of product (RMB or USD * conversion rate): A

Freight Charges (Rs.5000 per cubic meter by sea) (Actual as paid by air): B

Custom duty (% tariff Rate * (A + B)) = C

Commission : 5% of (A + B + C) = D

Applied VAT/CST (%as per tariff*(A + B + C + D)) = E

Total Inland Cartage(Actual)= F

Total Amount to be Paid (A + B + C + D + E + F)= G

Advance payment (if any)= H

Net amount due (Balance Payment) = G-H = I

Why Us?

  • Quality Control
  • Cost Reduction
  • Value Optimization
  • Unique Leader
  • Timely Delivery

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