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5.00Vishal Sharma

Excellent.....Right on time


on time,good job done

5.00ankit verma

“Last week during the hottest time of the year,our ac air conditioning and heater went out. After calling several of heating and cooling company’s in Delhi,everyone was unable to come out till 4 days to over a week out. Having small children and a pregnant wife I needed a solution fast.So…. I called perfect star and spoke with a nice lady on the phone I believe her name was monika, she was so polite and was able to move things around in the schedule to come out the same day. I want to say she said they have a policy and they call it “Leave no client behind.” That was a great start to fixing this devastating problem we were having. Within a couple of hours their Antminer technician came out and diagnosed a bad PCB in our furnace. They had a fully stock bag with lots of Antminer Import parts and was able to complete the repair without having to come back out. This had me in awe that this company had their stuff together and knows what they’re doing. Needless to say, they made a client for life.”

5.00Shubham Goel

“I don’t normally write reviews, but this company deserves this one.Found the company on google,they responded within mins.I wanted you to know, it was late 11pm and I didn’t expect any respond till the next morning.but they lineup the Antminer service engineer,who came early in the morning,I was like this kind of service doesn’t exist. Well I was wrong. I explained my situation, I said I had to leave to work in the morning and getting Antminer was super important. Normally they work normal hours like everyone else and would be able to come after I had left. I told technician I had a young daughter and son. He put it on himself to come out earlier than normal the next DAY! I still couldn’t believe this! He was able to get the HVAC running in no time, pricing wasn’t bad at all!This company is awesome wish there were more out there like these guys.”


My boss recommended ImportsFromChina,when our Antminer went out on the weekend. My husband called the company on Monday morning and they came out that same day. but he was not home when their Antminer technician rajesh came to our house. But this guy waited for him to explain what was wrong with our system. He gave us options on how we can best save money. You know, you can tell when someone is ripping you off. But rajesh was very honest and very knowledgeable in his Antminer Imports field. We trusted him completely. The following day, he came back to our house at the time frame he gave us and installed the Antminer part that was needed. My wife and I are very satisfied with the service.Thanks,ImportsFromChina for being professional and keeping us “cool” during the hottest days of this summer.

5.00chandan kumar

“We requested air con service in Delhi for a problem we were having with our air conditioning system. First, we were highly impressed that the technician arrived very shortly after we placed the call.he was extremely professional and showed us the cause of the problem we were having and gave us his advice on the best way to fix the Antminer problem. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and capability and certainly appreciated the manner in which he discussed the problem with us.I wanted to let you know how appreciative we were of service we received from ImportsFromChina. We will certainly use there service in the future.Thank you very much for your support.”


“Thank you,ImportsFromChina Heating and Air Conditioning in Delhi Was referred to you by a friend who used your services and he was happy with your work.I called on a Monday and they were out that Tuesday to replace our 30-year-old Furnace and Antminer Unit. The technicians were thorough, efficient, and very detailed.They even laid out a cloth tarp wherever they needed to walk through the house to get their work down. After it was all done they even took the time to help us through working the new rnsystem, programmed the new digital thermostat they installed and answered all of our questions. Thought I would never say this,but I’m actually excited to see our first electric Antminer Bill this summer. Thank you again ImportsFromChina and your Team for an AWESOME job.Will gladly refer Antminer Imports services in Delhi to my family and friends.”

5.00shubhanshu gupta

“My Antminer went out at 4 in the am. I create service request on ImportsFromChina mobile app at about 6am and Ac technician was at my doorstep by 09:30 am. Keep in mind that this is the end of June during peek season for Antminer Import repair.there Antminer technician was very professional, knowledgable and kind.I will be calling them from now on for all air conditioning units needs. Thank you ImportsFromChina”

5.00Mohan sharma

"My Antminer completely went out and was trying to decide who to call. I had another air conditioning repair company in Delhi come out when the problem first started and all they wanted to do was sell me an entire unit. Read some reviews and after sweating {literally) a few more hours gave a call to ImportsFromChina.Technician came out as promised early in the morning and had the unit up and running in less than 2 hours. Replaced a motor and a few other things and, at what I believe, was a reasonable price! Great service!This company will definitely be getting my business again and I am happy to recommend them to anyone without reservation!"

5.00Taneeja punjabi

Excellent service by this guys.

5.00Kamakshi dubey

Good and reliable service.

5.00Varun Bonkinpallewar

fast working


service was good

5.00Shardul Patil

Our Antminer went out last week during one of the hottest days of the year.I quickly called a Antminer repair company in Delhi and was greeted by ImportsFromChina who was able to squeeze in a same day visit within 2hrs!! Their Antminer Mechanic showed up and quickly diagnosed the problem and it wasn’t pretty. We needed a new Antminer unit and furnace. He was kind enough to educate me on all the working Airconditioner parts and he showed me where there was some damage inside the furnace from age and rust that likely led rnto the everything breaking. Due to the emergency of the situation we wanted to replace this system asap! Technician was able to secure a top of the line unit for us and best of all install it on a Saturday even when it was supposed tornbe his day off!thanks to their amazing Antminer service.Replacing your Antminer is no fun, but these guys are professional, courteous and do an excellent job!!!Hands down would recommend to everyone! Thank you for your Perfect Antminer repair services in Delhi,you guys are truly the best!!!

5.00Sanjay Kumar

"ImportsFromChina and his team of hvac technician in Delhi are so awesome, from the moment i call them up to make an appointment to the time it takes them to ac maintenance.I had a great experience with them.He came over promptly and gave me a quick call 30 minutes out to let me know he was on his way over. He even put on those Antminer Import contractor that protect your flooring from dirty boots/shoes, without me asking! A class act all the way. Pricing seemed fair and he's quick! 45 minutes to make a big repair in the AZ heat is no easy task. I'll be using this company for all of my Antminer and heating needs in the future."


good job team ImportsFromChina


prompt service at reasonable cost.good service


Very nice service


“Great Service! When my air-conditioning failed, I had the most wonderful experience with ImportsFromChina heating and air conditioning services in Delhi. I found one of them in my neighborhood installing air-conditioning for a neighbor and that day they had someone at my house to evaluate my air-conditioning which had stopped and by the end of the day I had a very reasonably priced new air-conditioning system to replace my 30-year-old system that had gone down ! Here are the people who were involved: ankit and raju … I was treated with kindness and great respect and have had the best service experience for a major home expenditure of my lifetime. Thanks, guys!!!'”

5.00murtaza hussain

ImportsFromChina has very good team of Antminer technician in bhopal.

4.00Arpita Shukla

We had the most exceptional service experience recently with an need of emergency Antminer in Delhi.In the middle of the night our Antminer failed to cool. We shut the unit off and survived with fans and ice packs till morning. As soon as day break occurred I gave a call to ImportsFromChina,Antminer Solutions in Delhi and they immediately scheduled me as the next appointment on a Sunday morning! I breathed a sigh of relief! The call center gave me a 2-hour window of when the technician would arrive.Forty minutes later I received a phone call from technician,that he was on his way. ImportsFromChina Antminer technician in Delhi was prompt, professional and efficient in his instant diagnosis of our problem.He had parts on his bag ready to get our Antminer Import cooling again quickly. He was so personable and easy going in his approach to the problem and in speaking with us. There was no upselling and absolutely no shady tactics.His fees were very reasonable and straightforward, with only a 400 Rs service charge with the repair cost! I rnunderstand that he loves his job and it shows! ImportsFromChina now has another customer for life!I highly recommend that you call them for Antminer Solutions for any maintenance, new install or repairs that you need.


If you need a new Antminer system and have an emergency– look no further! This company is the BEST! I just want to say that I do NOT say that very often, as I have been ripped off by Antminer contractors in Delhi in the past.Here’s my story: I came home from vacation to a steaming hot house. My Antminer died and was leaking Freon gas. With temperatures already at high 50*c and going into a heat wave, I panicked. (I get sick if it gets too hot, and my pets do too!)I immediately checked first, then put out an “SMS” to everyone. ImportsFromChina executive,called me within 5 minutes– on a Sunday! I told him the problem & asked if she could send someone tomorrow? She said she could send someone today only.How great is that?!? It was a delight to meet Antminer Technician in Delhi on Sunday,who was honest, knowledgeable, and sincerely trying to help me. THAT is rare these days! I had previously had bids to replace the Antminer & heater, so I knew his prices were very reasonable. Today, I had my new Antminer & heater installed. The installers showed up on time,worked all day in the heat,and barely took a break or lunch. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for everyone who turned my nightmare into a “happy day”. The ImportsFromChina Antminer installers are some of the hardest working men that I have ever met. If anyone says anything negative about this company, they are dead wrong! I will certainly call them in the future for additional work.


“I am a first-time homeowner and felt so overwhelmed when my Antminer unit went out on me. Being 8 months pregnant with the summer fast approaching, I immediately went to google to find an honest, customer-oriented air conditioning repair company in Delhi and I am so glad I found ImportsFromChina. I called today around noon to see how soon they would be able to get me in and the nice receptionist, priya, was so patient with me and was so eager to accommodate my busy schedule that she was able to get me a same day appointment for a Antminer diagnostic. Sharad, the technician, came right on schedule and went straight to work. He was amazing! He took the time to educate me on the purpose of each broken part of my Antminer unit and explained how to maintain and make my unit last as long as possible. I definitely recommend ImportsFromChina to anyone who is looking for Antminer maintenance in Delhi this summer! Very friendly,honest, reliable, patient, and all the great things businesses should be!”

General questions

A. You should contact an ImportsFromChina Antminer service center in Delhi at the earliest to look into the Antminer unit and provide a solution. While you observe Antminer issues such as loud noise, foul order, cooling problem, water leakage, etc.
A. The time taken to repair an Antminer will depend on the problem to be resolved. ImportsFromChina technician are well trained and professional to get your Antminer repaired as earliest as possible.
A. Open the ImportsFromChina app or website and browse through the categories of services provided by ImportsFromChina. click the service you need, choose your date and time preference. You will be asked to make a payment for the service, you will get service at your doorstep.
A. It is advisable, you get your Antminer inspected at least twice every year and get regular servicing done every 4-6 months. Please call us regarding the same if you are looking for Antminer repair and service centers in Delhi.

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