Trade Assurance Trade Assurance provides a key to get your order fulfilled including payment security for buyer when paying online to chines suppliers via alibaba trade assurance.

Alibaba Trade Assurance, which offers various payment methods for buyers and suppliers to trade on, is a key security measure that has been adopted by China’s leading e-commerce company to provide peace of mind and protect user information. The payment is channeled via Alibaba Trade Assurance to secure the payment. Currently, there are 8 different types of payment methods which can be chosen by Alibaba clients: Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, PayPal, CashU, WeChat Pay and Alipay for new clients; UnionPay and Alipay for existing clients.

If I am a buyer from India How does Alibaba Trade Assurance protect me as buyer paying online to Chinese Supplier?

There is no ‘refund’ or “charge back’ option in Alibaba when paying money directly to a suppliers bank account. You need to pay supplier only via Alibaba Trade Assurance as Alibaba is the Trust & Security that is acting as a middleman between the buyer and seller for both buyer and seller protection.

How can I pay through the Alibaba Trade Assurance? While purchase on alibaba small or large quantity ?

There are 5 simple steps to pay via trade assurance and get your payment secured

Step 1: Place your order through Trade Assurance in your alibaba Account

Step 2: Use Alibaba Trade Center (Under My Alibaba Section) to communicate with the supplier

Step 3: Create Purchase Contract on with your supplier covering all products specifications and quantity

This contract is only valid for the products specifications / quality and quantity. Trade Assurance doesn’t cover any warranties, replacements or other services agreed upon between the Alibaba supplier and the buyer.

Step 4: Confirm your contract with supplier

Step 5: Finally Make the payment through: Credit Card or Telegraphic Transfer whatever is easier for you 

Note : ONLY pay to the designated bank account in Singapore

Things that are included in Trade Assurance ?

A. If your goods are not shipped on time or does not shipped at all (as specified in the agreement) – Then you are eligible for refund

B. If the products are not matching the specifications (as stated in the agreement done between you and supplier) – Then you are eligible for refund

Provide clear product specifications and quality requirements when placing order to supplier

Definitely, Alibaba can not offer a refund entirely based on the buyer’s request. What if the buyer is at faulty, and not the supplier

The truth is that very oftenquality issues are caused by disorganized buyers, rather than suppliers.

As you enter the Trade Assurance checkout, you’ll be required to first specify the shipping date, and confirm if  the order shall check with “ the quality requirements agreed in the purchase contract ”.

After the order is authenticated, the supplier should either upload a contractstill on, which specifies the quality requirementsset for the order. This is also where things get a bit complicated. You can not claim a refund thereafter on If you fail to duly specify clear quality requirements.

For flagrant reasons, Alibaba can not issue a refund, simply because an item is non-compliant with your imaginary picture of what makes ‘ good quality ’ To get refund you must specify the products specifications such as dimensions, weight, material etc. to claim trade assurance.

Pre-shipment quality examinations Alibaba is really clear on how they deal with situations when quality isn’t detailed in terms of specialized specifications

“ What if the agreed quality must-haves aren’t clear?

Not with standing, in case of a difference we will embrace a third- party examination company ’s recommendation of industries principles as a warp for determination, If your agreed quality requisites aren’t clear and aren’t quantifiable and working. ”

Few Examples how you can explain your product specifications

Example: Children’s Clothing

  • Fabric: Organic cotton, 200 gsm
  • Fabric Color: Pantone 1935 D
  • Design: As specified in design_draft_a.pdf attachment
  • Dimensions: As specified in design_draft_dimensions.pdf
  • Care label: As specified in label_b.pdf attachment
  • Zipper. YKK
  • California Prop 65 Compliant: Yes
  • REACH (EU) Compliant: Yes
  • CPSIA (US) Compliant: Yes

Howeverno matter how small or presumably insignificant, you’re exposed to severe quality issues, If you leave a “ gap ” in your specification. Alibaba will definitely not act against a supplier if you fail to give clear specifications for your products.

Disagreement resolution and refunds
As mentioned, Alibaba appoints a quality inspection company to confirm that  the products are manufactured according to the specified quality requirements.

However, the buyer is notified, and can either file a disagreement on Alibaba, If the quality inspector rejects Counting from this date, the supplier has 15 days to resolve the disagreement, or Alibaba will get involved.

However, they first review the contract and then compare it to the quality inspection report to determine if the supplier failed to curb, If it goes to the point where Alibaba is forced to interfere.

Assuming the supplier did fail to match your specifications, Alibaba may now repay the payment.

Can all Alibaba suppliers provide Trade Assurance payments?

The Trade Assurance application is solely supplied to Alibaba Gold Suppliers that meet sure criteria.

Thus, Trade Assurance is no longer supplied when shopping for from all suppliers. Currently, the wide variety of suppliers presenting this is fairly restricted however nearly positive to develop rapidly in the coming months.

The amount, included through the Trade Assurance, is additionally limited, and regularly ranging between US$10,000 to US$30,000. That said, it is regularly ample to cover the initial credit order, which is typically set at 30% of the total, FOB, order value.

Before, there used to be additionally a minimal transaction amount, set at US$1,000. However, as of 2015, this is no longer the case, as the minimal order quantity has been removed.

Further, the Trade Assurance solely covers transactions that are first registered via the Alibaba checkout system, following price to the bank account specified by Alibaba.

For apparent reasons, Alibaba is no longer offering any Trade Assurance on repayments made outside of the Trade Assurance system. As such, any transaction to a non-Alibaba held account is not covered.

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