Largest Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

1) Guangzhou Baima Costume Market

The Baima Costume Market is a first commercial style china wholesale market. More than 1000 garment manufacturers from the regions of Taiwan, South Korea and designing items from UK and America can be found here with high quality at wholesale rates. You can find the following points in this market:

• Garments for kids, men and women

• Best place for certain other goods

• Great bargain options

• Clothing wholesale center of the world

• Overcrowded but with best option

Address: 16 Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510000

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

2) Shijing Clothing Wholesale Market

Shijing Clothing Wholesale Market isn’t just a single market. It is among top Guangzhou wholesale market and has multiple wholesale markets around it. There are up to eighteen wholesale markets, which offer a diverse range of items. The market buildings are divided in two street sides, one is specified for kid’s wear, shoes, leather accessories and the other road on the north is for general clothing items and fabrics. You can also find two wholesale markets in the Shijing wholesale area, which specializes in men’s clothing, shoes and other accessories.

Address: 10 km north of Guangzhou Railway Station

Opening hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

3) Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

This market is also famous with the name “ Zhuo Mei Clothing Wholesale Market”. Even though the name states ‘wholesale cloth’, but you can find each and every useable thing from shoes to coats, bags to hats and jewelry like items. Zhanxi Wholesale Market is famous for brand garments, jeans, sports suits, sport shoes, sport caps. The branded items are imported from all over the world. If you want to wholesale multicultural items, it’s the best place for you. You can get items reflecting Europe, West Asia, Korea and African cultures with great deals.

Address: In the east of No. 1-4, Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou City, China

Opening hours: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

4) Haizhu Wholesale Market

In the Guangzhou wholesale market list, you will find Haizhu Wholesale Market among the most crowded and massive wholesale markets. It is place of fashion wear. Prices are low for bulk quantities, but items are not comparable with luxury brand or upmarket wear. This market isn’t a place for the young kids owing to its over crowd.

The selling points you will observe here are:

• Good quality and good price

• Non harassed stores/ shops

• Place is attractive

• One stop market

• Multiple items are available like, shoes, ready to wear, caps, jeans, coats and jackets, watches and other items

Address: Nanzhou Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510220, China

Opening hours: 9:00 am- 6:00 pm

5) Zhongda Market

Zhongda Market is among the China’s largest wholesale markets, which is famous especially for its fabrics. Roads are full of large and small markets. It is among the China’s best bargain places. You will find fancy laces, glitter, jewels, stones and items for un-stiched fabrics. Shoes, watches, caps, bags, denims and ready to wear are also in abundance in the basement areas and side small streets. Market is situated on two sides of streets, joined together via a bridge. It is advisable to take a local guide with you to get the good items with minimum prices.

Address: Xingang Xi Lu, Opposite of the Sun Yat-sen University

Opening hours: 9 am – 6 pm,

Largest Wholesale Markets in Shenzhen

1) Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade

Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade is a Shenzhen wholesale market also famous with other names like South Oil Industrial Park or Century Square. The stores in this market and building are very diverse. Few stores are with fixed prices, but in most of them haggling over price is a must thing. Prices entirely depend upon how good and tactful you are while bargaining.

You can get here:

• Bags, shoes, clothes, western wear

• Men’s clothes • Kids wears

• Watches and jewelry

Address: 24. Century Square, 24 Dongbin Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen

Opening hours: Weekdays: 9:30am- 7:00pm, Weekends: 9:30am- 8pm

2) Shenzhen Yiwu Smallware Wholesale Mansion

In this Mansion, you can find each and everything of daily use. Items are available in retail as well as wholesale rates. If you go for bulk purchase, you will see a big difference in the prices. More than 40% off is given in bulk items.

The products and services you will enoy are given below:

• Toys and 3D items

• Garments for all and with huge variety

• Cosmetics and salon supplies

• Flowers and garden tools

• Kitchen wares, electronic items and tools

• Jewelry and watches

• Health and sport equipments

• Bedding supplies

• Shoes, baby products and hats

Address: 6 Hongji Road, Longgang, Shenzhen

Opening hours: 10:00am- 10pm

3) Nanyang Haiyan Clothing Wholesale market

Nanyang Haiyan Clothing wholesale is a very squeezy market. It does sound strange, but that’s the way sellers pile up their stocks, too many items in too little space. You cannot buy one or two items or try sizes, as buyers focus only on selling in bulk amounts. A word of warning for the new visitors is must, that this market isn’t a shiny glossy place. You need to do a little struggle to get what you want as items are not displayed on front screens. This market is like searching for a diamond in the rough. Mostly women’s fashion, shoes, accessories, scarfs, jewelry stalls, handbags, replica items, watches etc are available here.

Address: Jiabin Road, Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Opening hours: 9:30am- 8pm

4) Shenzhen Taoyuan Clothing City

The Shenzhen Taoyuan Clothing City is a well known Shenzhen wholesale market. There are hundreds of foreign trade clothing business shops. The shops target all kinds of customers. Items are available in plus sizes too, for men, women and kids. Other items like leather accessories, hats, caps, watches can also be found. This place has the advantage of superior environment, proper layout, central air conditioning, intelligent electronic monitoring systems and a safe operating environment.

Address: No.2088, Shenye Logistics Buildings, Baoan North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Opening hours: 9:30am- 7pm

5) Shenzhen Baima Clothing

The Shenzhen Baima Market was founded in 2003. It is 6 floor building with more than 500 shops. Garments at wholesale rates are of very good quality and are usually exported out of the state. It mainly sells brand clothing for men, women and kids.

The market layout floor wise is as follows:

• 1F: jewelry, suitcases &bags, leather goods, watches

• 1F: branded garments

• 2F: boutique women’s garments

• 3F: boutique women’s garments

• 4F: boutique men’s garments

• 5F: women clothing for export

Largest Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

1) Yiwu International Trade Market

Yiwu International Trade Market also known as Futian Market is a Yiwu China wholesale market. This market is among the biggest wholesale markets in China. You will observe each store and showroom in very well organized way. All areas are divided into well planned sub categories.

The products you will get here are:

• Toys

• Jewelry

• Jeans

• Apparels

• 3d items

• Shoes

• Electronics and home appliances

• Sports outfits and equipments

Address: Shangcheng Ave, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 322000

Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

2) Huangyuan Wholesale Garment Market

Yiwu market, China wholesalers are all condensed for professional clothing deals at one place, the Huangyuan Wholesale Garment/Clothing Market. This market is famous for internationalization, brandlization, diversification and promotion of unique and high quality garments at wholesale rates.

The market is divided into five categories:

• Men’s clothing

• Women’s clothing

• Children’s clothing

The market is divided into many different floors. The specified items you will get includes, cowboy trousers, pajamas, shirts, sweaters, shoes, jewelry and much more.

Address: 180 Jiangbin Middle Rd, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 322022

Opening hours: 7:30am- 8:30pm

3) Yiwu Night Market

This market is also known as the Bingwang Night market, or called San Ting Lu night market. You can find all sorts of things here, like bags, clothes, shoes, sun glasses, belts, watches. All duplicate brand names and logos can also be found here. The items are sold in bulk quantity with wholesale rates. If you are a good bargainer then you can get the items with 20- 30% less prices as compared to other buyers.

Address: Binwang Rd, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 322000

Opening hours: 6:30pm- 2-3:00am

Largest Wholesale Markets in Hong Kong

1) Ladies Market

Ladies Market is the most famous Hong Kong wholesale market street. From clothes to shoes, shawls to scarves, jewelry to watches, caps and other accessories, each and everything can be found here in bulk as well as individual forms at wholesale rates. The name shows ‘ladies’ market, but this market is not specifically for ladies. You can easily find items for kids and men too. Be aware of the fraud brand items and fake, poor quality fabrics. You need to have good shopping skills while visiting this market.

Address: Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, HK, China

Opening Hours: 12:00pm- 10:00pm

2) Temple Street Market

Temple Street Market is the largest wholesale as well as retail market in Hong Kong. It is as much as a spectacle as it is a shopping place. It is one of the must visit place. There is nothing you cannot find here, from food to outfits, electronics to house appliances, shoes to hats, bags, jewelry, watches and much more. The advantage you can get here is that most of the shopkeepers do speak in English.

Address: Temple Street, Kowloon (In between Jordan and Yau Ma Tei)

Opening Hours: 4:00pm – 10:00am

3) Stanley Market

Stanley Market is quite different from other markets of Hong Kong in the northern sides. It looks like a fish market owing to the overcrowd. In this market, there are two road sides, one is famous for the food stalls and other for the items that are sold in bulk as well as at individual rates. You need to bargain while purchasing at the wholesale rates. Here you can find everything in the category of apparel and shoes along with jewelry. But it is not really a place for electronics and home appliances.

Address: In Stanley New Street by the Stanley Food Market, Chai wan station, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Daily 09:00am – 6:00pm

4) Fa Yuen Street Market/ Sneaker Street

An attractive place for the locals and expats, Fa Yuen Street Market is a very beautiful and cheap place. With lots of fashion items, watches, shoes, bags and accessories, you will find bulk quantities at very affordable prices. This market is also known as sneaker street, because here rows of stalls are installed only selling the bulk of sneakers which are brand copied and are of very good quality. Items are equally present for men, women and children.

Address: Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 4:00pm – 10:00am

5) Jardine’s Crescent Market

Jardine’s Crescent Market is equivalent to the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. It is a Chinese marketplace for wholesalers where they can sell brand duplicate items without letting the buyers know about it. It is very appealing for teenager items, clothes and shoes. Before purchasing the bulk of items, it is advisable to carefully check and bargain hard, as you can easily get fooled by the clever sellers. Moreover, it is amongst the cheapest wholesale markets in Hong Kong.

Address: Jardine’s Crescent, Causeway Bay

Opening Hours: 3:00pm – 11:00pm

Why Not Buying Online Wholesale Items

When it comes to the benefits of buying online wholesale items in comparison to the offline markets. You will observe that the benefits of online buying are double as compared to offline buying.

• Buying bulk through online wholesalers gives you the advantage of saving money. You do not have to rent a car or burn some petrol to reach the market.

• It also saves time from visiting shop to shop and floor to floor to reach your desired product categories. At online wholesale stores, you can get each and everything under one single roof.

• You can also order product directly from the manufacturing companies that also provides a wholesale option, so that you will get fresh, defect free items.

• Replenishing your stocks and keeping them always full has been easy via online wholesale which provides the delivery and shipping options.

• You can easily contact your wholesaler via internet whenever you faces a problem regarding your purchased items. In offline shops you have to go back to store to claim any issue or defect.

• No matter in which state or corner of the world you are living, online wholesaler can reach you everywhere.

Buy from the Best Chinese Online Wholesaling Distributors

1) Banggood

Banggood is among those online stores whose name come at the top of the list in China’s largest wholesale market. It is a great place to visit and wholesale items at affordable prices.

Service Overview

• Above 200,000 products

• Free and low shipment methods

• No minimum orders

• Dropship and wholesale

Recommended for: Those who wants to wholesale best items with low prices. You can enjoy here, Apple accessories, electronics, smartphones, LED lights, clothing, watches, beauty products, jewelry, RC toys, and more.

2) DealExtreme

DealExtreme is a place with a huge variety in its every category. It is one of the very first Chinese wholesale online sites, established in 2007. With free coupons and gadgets you can enjoy the following services.

Service Overview

• 1000 product categories

• 210,000 items

• 1000 daily additions

• 24/7 customer services

• Delivery within 5 days, worldwide

• Site of latest technology and trends

Recommended for: A good option for resellers who are looking out for high quality wholesale items like apparel, cosmetics, toys, 3d items, electronics, jewelry and much more.

3) TomTop

TomTop has been working since 2004. It is among the best China’s wholesale and retail stores. Many China’s wholesale market manufacturers also place their orders and resell their items purchased from this site.

Service Overview

• More than 100,0000 products

• Low shipment charges

• Shipment via EMS, DHL and UPS

• Airmail tracking numbers are provided

• High Quality

• Money back within 45 days policy

• 1 year warranty

Recommended for: Wholesale buyers and retailers looking out for the reliable site to purchase items within multiple categories.

4) Chinabrands

Chinabrands is an established leading drop shipping wholesale supplier based in China and has a global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries.

It connects suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors on a global platform and offers products at cheap prices., bring a world of online opportunity direct to you, tailored to meet the exact needs of your customers and key markets.

The various features which make Chinabrands most preferable over other wholesale companies are given below:

● Large Extension of Products has 500,000+ items and it goes all the way from Apparel, Beauty, Health, Kids, Automotive, Electronics, Toys, Sports, Computer, Accessories, Outdoors, Entertainment Supply, Garden tools and many more. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.

● Cheap Price

Each and every product provided by Chinabrands is at wholesale rates for you to earn maximum profit. This supplier covers low to high end products at very affordable wholesale rates.

● Quality Assurance

Unlike Alibaba is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Chinabrands go for quality inspection for each and every product in the whole bulk. Chinabrands team passes each item through 3 to 4 inspection tests before dispatching the products for shipment.

● Huge Inventory

You can always rely on Chinabrands to be honest with you regarding available stock. Stock is almost always available and if it isn’t you will be able to see it in real time because all of the inventory data is available to you.

● Extra Discounts and Earn Coupons for Every Buying

Besides, every purchase in the site, you receiver CB points as rewords, and you can use as cash next buy. If you register as a member (click here to join free), you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. Extremely low price and CB rewords points can maximize cut you cost and make exciting more profits.

● Fast Delivery

If you want your order to be delivered within minimum time period, you can count on Chinabrands. It’s warehouses are located in more than 50 countries and states, thus making the order delivery easy and on time. It only takes less than 2 days that goods deliver to your customers’ doorsteps.

● 24/7 Real Time Chat

Chinabrands is a very considerate companies and always there to help their customers. If you have any query, you can give them a phone call or you can chat with them online at any time. Because they standby for 24 hours per day and support over 20 kinds of languages. If you look for custom products, just call them, they provide you with everything.

What’s more, Chinabrands provides extra valuable services.

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