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How we process in China?

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Q: What types of products can you import for me?

A: We have experience importing all types of products from China including electronics, home goods, toys, sporting equipment, automotive accessories, apparel and pretty much anything you can think of. Just ask!

Q: How long does the importing process usually take?

A: Most orders can be delivered in as little as 3-4 weeks from payment to freight on the water. Of course customs clearance times can add 1-2 weeks on arrival before final delivery. For a detailed timeline breakdown see our Step-by-Step Importing Process page.

Q: What about customs duties and import taxes?

A: Any applicable customs duties, taxes and fees are calculated at the destination port and will be prepaid by us so there are no surprises or bills for you afterwards. These costs are all built into the pricing quote upfront.

Q: Do you inspect the products before shipment?

A: Yes, we thoroughly inspect products, packaging, and run quality assurance checks on all orders before cargo loading to identify any defects or issues early on. This helps mitigate problems down the line.

Q: Can I order samples first?

A: Absolutely. We highly recommend ordering a few units as samples to inspect personally before committing to a full production order. Our sampling process is quick, affordable and ensures you get exactly what you expect in final delivery.

Q: What documentation do you provide with my shipment?

A: We provide all necessary customs and logistics documentation including commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading and any certificates if required for your particular products. No need to worry about paperwork!

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: For your security and ours, payments must be made via T/T wire transfer, PayPal or credit card. Other options require prepayment before order production and shipment departure from China ports. Speak to your account manager for specifics.

Q: Can you help me find products or suppliers if I don’t know what I want yet?

A: Our network there gives you access to a database of thousands of manufacturers across China to source from. If you need help selecting factories or products, our sourcing team can use your brief to generate recommendations so you can easily browse and compare options.

Q: Do you assist with branded custom packaging and labelling?

A: Yes! Share images and specs of exactly the type of custom branding, labels, hang tags you want and we will coordinate everything with your supplier and ensure it is applied perfectly on your finished goods.

Q: Who handles customer support if there are any issues with my order?

A: We provide lifetime support on all orders we process for you! If there is ever a problem with your shipment, damages, defects etc our customer support team is available to handle logistics claims, supplier quality issues, returns etc so you don’t have to deal with complex international processes. We stand behind every order.