Sourcing and buying from reliable supplier in china

Imports from china is a good company because they offer a safe and reliable way to purchase from China. They have many different contacts and know how to tailor your order for the best price, as well as how to avoid scams.

We have found many of our best buyers use their services to buy without the hassle of storing it in a warehouse and waiting for delivery. Its very easy to avoid scams and know what you are buying by using this service.


Consolidating products from various suppliers

The company is able to consolidate goods from various suppliers in China. The company is able to use their contacts and expertise to get a great deal on the products that you are looking for. They also have a whole system in place to ensure the quality of your goods and avoid scams.


Quality inspection

The company is able to provide comprehensive inspection of the products from various suppliers. The inspection ensures that the quality, safety and legality of the product complies with international standard. The company is able to work with various suppliers and conduct inspections.


Shipping from China to India by sea or air

Products from China can be imported by sea or by air. The difference in time, cost and customization is significant between the two options. It is important to determine which option is best for your situation.

The company is able to import from China by sea or air. The difference in the time, cost and customization is significant between the two options. The main difference between the two options is shipping time and cost. In the end, the long term cost of each option will depend on how you utilize your purchased goods and your ability to sell them in India.


Custom clearance and duty payment in India

The company is able to provide custom clearance related services. The company deals with customs and other related agencies in India, as well as in China.

Duty payment is a significant expense for imports from China into India. There are different types of goods, and some goods have a higher duty rate than others. The company can establish the duty rates associated with your products and pay them on your behalf to avoid administrative mistakes on your part or fines for miscoding the customs documents at time of importation.”


Delivery to your door step

The company is able to deliver to your door step. This ensures that the products are delivered and secure.