Step by Step guide on importing from china to India
Step-1 : You work out a deal with your supplier and finalise rates . And ask them delivery upto our guangzhou warehouse.
Step-2 : Make payment in alibaba.com payment link to supplier by your debit card or we help you to pay
Step-3 : We get delivery from supplier , make inspection and share pics and we ship out by sea or air
Step-4 : We clear india customs in our company Iec and pay duty .
Step-5 : You pay our charges of freight and duty and we make delivery to your door step
By sea normal time is required is 35-50 days depending which city you are in by air time required is 7-12 days depending on your city
No it’s not required , we can import in our Ice and deliver you as a Indian local sale on a gst bill
we act as your payment agent , hou can pay us locally in india and we make sure that your suppliers get secure payment in usd or cny as they might need .
Yes 100% Safe Just Like Amazon & Flipkart,  Alibaba is safe regarding payments as it provides Alibaba Trade Assurance

What is Alibaba Trade Assurance?
The Alibaba Trade Assurance may be a payment and buyer protection service meant to feature an additional layer of security when paying suppliers in China. Alibaba acts as a middleman between the customer and therefore the seller. As such, the customer transfers the funds upon placing an order to a delegated Alibaba checking account with the Singapore City Bank. Alibaba then releases the funds once the goods have passed a quality check and been shipped on or before the set deadline.

However, the money is refunded to the buyer if the following occurs:
1. The shipment is delayed, beyond the specified shipping date
2. The manufactured items are not compliant with the provided quality requirements
In a way, the process has some similarities with how a letter of credits functions, but is at the same time very different.

How does Alibaba Trade Assurance protect buyers?
There is no ‘refund’ or “chargeback’ mechanism in place when writing money directly to a supplier’s bank account. Alibaba is bridging that gap by acting as a middleman between the buyer and seller. To secure buyer payments

Alibaba Trade Assurance Detailed Explanation
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Rates for non electronic or low value items of plastic /alloy metal /glass /ceramic : Rate 1-5 kg : 2000 rs per kg 5-20kg: 750 per kg 21-50 kg: 700 per kg 50+ kg : 650 per kg Air rates all inclusive of airfreight, duty, custom clearance , door deliver up to your address . Guangzhou to Delhi (8-10 working days) by air and Delhi to your city by FedEx or gati road courier (3-6 days as per courier online tracking) Cargo must be delivered by supplier with your shipping mark :(your name-gz070993 ) to you our Guangzhou warehouse Volume weight formula : length(cm) x breadth(cm)x height (cm) / 5000 = … kgs Volume weight or actual weight whichever is higher shall be applicable.
Rates for non electronic or low value items of plastic /alloy metal /glass /ceramic : Rate 100-500 kg : 300 rs per kg 500-2000kg: 260 per kg 2100-5000 kg: 225 per kg 5000+ kg : 200 per kg Sea rates all inclusive of sea freight, duty, custom clearance , door deliver up to your address . Guangzhou to Delhi (35-50 working days) depending on your city distance from sea port. Cargo must be delivered by supplier with your shipping mark :(your name-0757GZH) to you our Guangzhou or Yiwu warehouse Volume weight formula : length(cm) x breadth(cm)x height (cm) / 5000 = … kgs Volume weight or actual weight whichever is higher shall be applicable.
At IFC we guarantee in advance for your duty amount and clearance cost . If any extra charge due to custom delay or duty raise , we will bear the cost for that . With over 15 years of our experience in dealing customs department in India you can Keep calm we have got this covered for you .
Chinese supplier payment is to be made as per the suppliers requirement and time by you. Our service charge of duty and freight and clearance should be paid after the goods arrive our India warehouse and before we dispatch to you.
we ship everyday by sea and by air we operate special transport line from china to india
We normally do 5% – 10% random quality and quantity check after receiving the products in our china warehouse and intimate you and help to raise a complaint to supplier if we find any difference. 100% Examination is practically not possible but can be done at a specified cost depending upon the volume of goods.
It is not true since China is a global market and they manufacture and sell all qualities of goods but lately the Chinese goods are generally of good quality and bears world standards.
You will definitely save more than 40% in cost as you buy from India but you will definitely have far more choices to select as compared to India.
You get aproforma invoice from the vendor selected by you. Send the copy of that invoice to us. We will tell you what would be the landing cost of that product at your doorstep. We will manage your payment to your vendor as well as inspection , shipping etc and delivering to your doorstep.
FCL means full container load. LCL means less container load. They are two common terms used in shipping under international trade business. Besides, FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less truck load) are used in land transportation.FCL is the most optimized container shipping way regarding cost, volume and weight of the goods. The FCL process involves – picking up empty freight container in the container yard, loading at the shipper facility, transporting by truck / rail to the port of loading and further sea / ocean container shipping of the goods to the port of arrival and delivery to final destination. In certain circumstances of sea cargo transportation if you don’t have enough products for a full container load we still recommend you to consider FCL option. You may find FCL compared with LCL (Less than Container Load) to be more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient than other logistics services for you
It takes about 30-35 days by sea to get delivery at your doorstep and it takes 7-8 days by air .
Yes, we do that. We have offices and warehouses at different places in china and our local office will coordinate with your vendor and collects the goods at the place from where the shipping is to be done.
Most of the items are under OGL(open general license) but certain allied acts are applicable while importing different itmes like ADC permission is required for importing cosmetics etc. , WPC certificate is required for importing any items which contains wireless equipment . similarly , FASSAI permission is required for importing any edible item. But when you import through us we manage to get the required permission or license.
Yes, we don’t share any of your information with any third parties.
Under limited liability, damaged or lost cargo is assessed by weight, not value. That is to say, there is no guarantee of recovery against a carrier for the full amount of the loss and damage and your compensation may be dramatically less than the commercial value of the goods. However, we recommend goods are adequately covered by insurance. We can buy your freight insurance easily with big discount.
IFC is the most experienced and professional logistics partner with more than 15 years of experience and catered to almost 1000+ importers in India with complaint level of less than 0.5% . We have offices 8 offices in china , hk and india , so it’s easy for you to communicate anytime . We can provide a-z services in relation to trade from china .
you can choose chinese suppliers for sourcing and let us do the logistics . It’s better not to depend on chinese for door to door service as they won’t be able to handle custom clearance or managing complex indian laws.
we can source any product as we have been dealing with almost every industry in last 15 years
there is no moq , we have daily shipments moving from china to india , so we can club your goods in our bulk shipments and pass on benefit of bulk buying to you .
we can negotiate our terms on type of services required by you , you can avail our full service from sourcing to door delivery or you can source yourself and let us handle the logistics part .
there is a big wholesale market for furniture in foshan city , lecong town . You can buy your home villa office or hotel furniture from there , it will save you 40-50% of your budget cost . IFC has a office in this city and can help sourcing for best furniture available in china at reasonable prices.
yes we can provide you warehouse facility in china and india
normally suppliers take 5-15 days depending on your quantity , for small retail quantities they have ready stocks available
to start with , you will need a visa and we help you to make a itinerary depending upon your buying requirements . Our team in china will take care for your transportation , stay , market or factory visit with english translation support available 24×7 while you are in china.
yes it’s very normal , we act as importer also and give you goods in india as if you are making a local buying within india
costs are not very high by sea , rough estimate is 25% to 45% depending on the duty and prevalent freight at time of import . For by air additional rs.350-400 per kg over above cost .
yes we can import in 2021 , there are no restrictions on chinese import from from Last 20 years of my personal experience and it shall run smoothly in next 100 years until India and china are part of WTO Only some items from china can be restricted that harm indian industry, but as general there is was will be no restrictions.
Electronics is like any other item , it’s easy to import , just a few compliance of Bluetooth & battery products , but that’s piece of cake when IFC is your logistic partner.
yes we help you get all basic approvals that might be required in course of your product import , you just place order in china, rest you can leave up to us Our motto : You buy we deliver .
There is not much difference in weather as of india, in China.
Since 2019 it has been noticed that china government has been cracking down on money laundering and freezing bank accounts of Chinese suppliers due to unknown source of funds.
Foreign buyers who arrange money to their chinese suppliers by cash or unregistered money agents have been facing harassment when RMB account is freezed and supplier refuses to deliver.
How to save your self from this harassment?

Whenever you deal with any Chinese supplier through facebook, wechat or any other offline/online mode please make sure you get :
1. Performa invoice
2. 1688.com Shop URL / Web link
99% Suppliers have 1688.com Shop

with above two things IFC china office makes sure that what ever wrong happen with the supplier you shall get your goods delivered 100% and a option to return back the goods if any mismatch of quality or quantity found out at inspection at IFC China warehouse. (1688.com offers 15 Days return policy without any questions asked inside china and gives back the money back to IFC Account)
For more details on buying from 1688.com click here