Import Your Engine Parts

“Imports from Asian countries, especially China, have been rising for the simple reason they make them cheaper,” the Crisil report said. The difference in price ranges from 20 per cent for low-value plastic components, springs and fasteners to 50 per cent for pistons and other engine components, the report added. India’s share of global automobile parts exports remained below 1 per cent over the last decade because component makers have not been able to catch up with other low-cost Asian destinations. Exports in 2015 are expected to be less than a quarter of the $33 billion target set by the Auto Component Manufacturers’ Association in 2003-04.Raw materials are cheaper in China than in India, making imports more competitive. Indian automobile component makers have to import several grades of steel and aluminium, which escalates costs.




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What types of Engine Parts can I import?

  • car parts
  • motorcycle
  • Erickshaw
  • Tools