Do I need a import code IEC (Import Export Code) or import license


What documents are required for import ?

Do I need a import code IEC (Import Export Code) or Import License for importing

No it’s not required; we can import in our Ice and deliver you as a Indian local sale on a GST bill.

Team IFC has developed such an easy import eco system for small and large scale buyer / sellers / wholesalers / client / distributors that they need not to have any kind on paper work or documents with them regarding importing.

When there is team IFC its easy import just place your order to your supplier in china and ask him to deliver the products at any warehouse of IFC in china (3 Warehouse of IFC Available in china)

Once your supplier delivers your products to IFCwarehouse we do quality and quantity check of your products after that you just sit back and have fun. Goods will be delivered to your door shortly.


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