How to buy from china B2B marketplace is the the father of

Are you thinking how Chinese wholesalers buy from Chinese factories locally ?

What’s the top B2B Ecommerce site in china ?

It’s Alibaba again , Alibaba Chinese b2b version is called All Chinese factories are registered here, you just need to know how to buy and find a agent for yourself who can help you buy from and consolidate your cargo in his warehouse and inspect and create a return if any quality issue, offers free return policy within 15 days of receipt, no questions asked.

IFC who is best agent in china, can do this for you as it has been doing this for over 500 foreign buyers all over the world.

Image guidelines : save download front image of any product from, I am 99% sure that image will search a 100% perfect match in , because any product that’s born on is later on transferred to by english speaking guys to take benefit of world market by trading local chinese goods on international platform . 

So understand that is much much deeper than alibaba , if alibaba has 100k sellers than is 100 times more than that . fee is about usd3000 per year , many can’t afford , but fee is just usd200-300 per year , every small factory in china can afford . Just language different but prices on are 10-15% cheaper generally and can run upto 30-40% cheaper in some fashion items

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