Import Single Quantity or Bulk Quantity No MOQ, IFC is here it’s easy

Import Single Quantity or Bulk Quantity No MOQ, IFC is here it’s easy

IFC provides import services without moq restrictions a hassle free import services with multiple overseas and domestic offices pan India our services strong points are consists of  following points provided below:
  • Affordable as compared to market
  • 20+ Years Experience in Import Business
  • 12+ Different Languages Translators
  • 30+ Subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Yiwu
  • 500+ Million US Dollars Turnover
  • Daily Loading Mix Containers and Air Cargos
  • 10,000+ Square Meters of Office in Total
  • 10,000+ Square Meters of Warehouse in the headquarter
  • 10,000+ Containers Shipping Per Year
  • 50,000+ Quality Factories Source
IFC Importing Small Quantities For Business Starter


We got many inquiries from business starter’s that need to begin a small enterprise through importing small quantity products from China so we started IFC NO MOQ Services. Most of them do not have importing experience or IEC code and other documents for import, IFC made it very simple: Just discover a Chinese supplier on for the product you like and purchase merchandise at a low fee, and request supplier to deliver it to IFC China warehouse. Once your goods arrived at IFC China warehouse sit back and relax as per our commitment your goods will be at your door shortly nothing needs to be done at your end.  

But the truth is importing small quantities directly from China is never that easy. One will face many different problems, such as shipping fees higher than the product’s value, or your order is much less than the supplier’s MOQ. In some circumstances, you may have to give up your wonderful plan of starting a new business. But once you got in touch with IFC team everything changes. IFC has the power and experience over 20+ years we turn the table upside down and makes it easy import.


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