Learning how to start import from china complete guide


Learning how to start import from china complete guide

Basic FAQ : How do I start importing goods from China?

Answered by IFC Professionals
One can start importing with below simple steps

  • You work out a deal with your supplier and finalize product rates. And ask them delivery up to our Guangzhou warehouse.

  • Make payment only in alibaba.com payment link to supplier by your debit card or we help you to pay (By doing this your payment will be 100% secured and Chinese supplier will not be able to cheat you)

  • When we get delivery from your supplier, we do quality and quantity inspection and shares pictures of products with you and after that we ship out your products by sea or air.


4.     We at IFC clear the India customs in our company IEC Code (No IEC Code required at customer end) and pay duty in full at customs office.


5.      Last step buyer/client has to pay IFC service charges of freight and duty and after that we make delivery to your door step anywhere in India.


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