RMB Account Freeze in China ABC Bank

China Supplier RMB Account Freeze in ABC Bank?

What is the safe way to deal with Chinese suppliers by RMB or CNY?

Since 2019 it has been noticed that china government has been cracking down on money laundering and freezing bank accounts of Chinese suppliers due to unknown source of funds. Foreign buyers who arrange money to their chinese suppliers by cash or unregistered money agents have been facing harassment when RMB account is freezed and supplier refuses to deliver.



How to save your self from this harassment?

Whenever you deal with any Chinese supplier through facebook, wechat or any other offline/online mode please make sure you get : 1. Performa invoice 2. 1688.com Shop URL / Web link, 99% Suppliers have 1688.com Shop with above two things IFC china office makes sure that what ever wrong happen with the supplier you shall get your goods delivered 100% and a option to return back the goods if any mismatch of quality or quantity found out at inspection at IFC China warehouse. (1688.com offers 15 Days return policy without any questions asked inside china and gives back the money back to IFC Account)

Click Below Link For more details on buying from 1688.com


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