Why is importing from China bad? Explained by IFC Professionals

Why isimporting from China bad? Explained by IFC Professionals

Importing from china is bad, Products Scams, Payments Fraud are all old school at IFC we encourage buyer to deal Chinese supplier only via alibaba.com and paying supplier via Alibaba Trust Pay, AlibabaPayments Assurance Program.

When you get in touch with IFC along with Alibaba Payments Assurance Program you gets an upper hand on Chinese supplier as IFCteam provides QC and Quality check of your product inside china so if supplier tries to cheat you with product quality or quantity IFC team prominently informs you to raise dispute via Alibaba Payments Assurance Program and that’s make you 100% secure either you get product replaced or full refund from alibaba.com


Whether you are importing single quantity or full container your products are QC Checked by IFC so sit back, relax and enjoy your hassle free import.



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