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With IFC’s AI-Trained Customs Data Extractor, Transform Your Imports

Introducing a game-changer for importers – IFC’s Ai-Trained Customs Data Extractor. Say goodbye to the complexities of customs clearance and import data research. Now, you can simply enter your product name, and our revolutionary tool does the rest, providing you with a wealth of information to streamline your import process.

Ai-Trained Customs Data Extractor’s Key Features

1.Instant HS Code Identification

The days of figuring out HS codes are long gone. Our artificial intelligence (AI) system quickly determines the proper standardized system (HS) code for your goods. Smooth customs declarations are guaranteed by this precision.

2.Access to Past Import Data

Knowledge is power, and with IFC’s tool, you gain access to valuable insights. Explore past import data related to your product, giving you a deeper understanding of market trends and pricing strategies.

3.Rates of Customs Duty at Your Fingertips

Our extractor provides you with precise information on customs tariff rates, including basic custom duty, Social welfare surcharge (SWS), and GST rates. This data empowers you to calculate your import costs with confidence.

4.extensive Import Policy Information

It used to be difficult to navigate import restrictions, but not any longer. With the help of our tool, you can learn more about important regulations like the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), ISI (Indian Standards Institute), ADC (Additional Drug Controller), WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination), EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), testing requirements, and any DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) permissions required for your product.

Simplify the Import Process

You have a strong ally in IFC’s Ai-Trained Customs Data Extractor for your import activities. It not only saves you time, but it also lowers the possibility of expensive mistakes related to customs compliance. Our tool makes sure you have access to the knowledge you need to succeed in the import industry.

Are you prepared to transform your imports? Use our Ai-Trained Customs Data Extractor right away to import your goods in a smarter, more effective manner.


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